Saturday, October 3, 2015


BREAKING UP WITH A NARCISSIST LEAVES YOU IN SHOCK, AND DISORIENTED....on one hand, you are free of the abuse and confusion, on the other hand, your life can seem empty now that the everyday turmoil is gone.  You are left with being very cautious, even cynical, about relationships, and your physical health may be suffering.

Every human being longs for that deep human connection...but now, you probably don't trust yourself to make a good decision about dating.  You had your hopes so high and were so sure about the narcissist that it's embarrassing how it turned out.

However, although you can be fooled again, as I was, I also got the new Narc out of my life immediately when I saw the love bombing and rush for marriage or moving a matter of weeks, they were gone, not years.  I think you can trust yourself to be smart, to take your time this time, and be we well aware of the red flags.

A stumbling block, IMHO, is the process of "giving a person the benefit of the doubt".  Sorry, but that makes no sense.  Instead, detach and observe, and gather information, and trust the person as much as it makes sense to, given how much you know. 

Trust me....the narcissist will hoover you at some point....days, weeks, months, years, or even a decade later.  This is a part of the narcissist's bag of tricks to keep destroying your life over and over if you let them.  

So, be disciplined in mind, and in your boundaries.  You wasted a lot of time with a narcissist and life is far too short to allow yourself to be unhappy with this or any other dysfunctional person.  Just remember....if there is a war between your mind and your emotions, trust your mind every time.

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  1. Thank you for all I need to know about narcissist you been so very helpful stay bless