Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Here we go...

The aftermath of dealing with an abusive Narcissist includes many unique "issues". Chief among these is the fact that the abuser desires....NO...DEMANDS...that you remain SILENT regarding your experiences.

Many, particularly those people who do not understand, will tell you that you need to "Get Over It!" , "Stop Dwelling On It!", "Stop living in the past!", "Move On!". Many do not realize that communicating with others who BELIEVE you and understand what has happened to you is the ONLY way to do that.

The "world" tells you to stuff your feelings, deny them, shut up and pretend like everything is fine.

"Sounds exactly what the abuser told you to do, doesn't it?

The very FACT that the abuser seeks to silence you is a very GOOD indication that you should NOT be silent.

Threats may silence one of us at a time.... some of us may be forced to choose to remain silent, for a time, to protect ourselves or our children.

When one of us is silenced....another will speak up.

Threats are time limited and the silence is, likewise, time limited.

Nothing can, or will, be hidden forever....the TRUTH will emerge.

It does not matter WHO speaks the truths...whether it is my story or your story....USUALLY, the TRUTHS are shared by many of us. That is what happened when we are dealing with "People of the Lie". They have different bodies but share the same minds and the same abuse "playbook".

THAT is what makes it impossible for them to hide from us any longer. They are sooooooo predictable!

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