Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The Personas...Is ANYONE THERE!??

The Personas- As variable as they are fake....

Ah yes!...

The Personas!

Great topic for today. It is how they zero in on the they captured US and how they will (or how they DID) go on to capture the NEXT victim. The real person under the mask may, or may not, exist at ALL.

Since my abuser so RAPIDLY and COMPLETELY changes his persona...I am truly unsure that anyone DOES exist under there. There is EVIL under that persona and there is MALICE. I believe that, if he was EVER anything GENUINE, that person died lon...g ago...or has been so COMPLETELY forgotten that he might well never have existed.

They manipulate to make us lose ourselves but, no matter how successful they may be at achieving this, they are NEVER as successful at EMPTYING US as they have been at EMPTYING THEMSELVES. WE will emerge at last. We may be CHANGED or DAMAGED but we are still there! That is one reason they are willing to do ANYTHING in order to avoid the loss of that mask. When they change from one persona to another...they label it as a "choice" or a "change in interests" or as "growth". What it TRULY is, is much more complex. IMHO they BELIEVE the hype they feed others, that they CHOOSE to make these drastic changes. In reality there is no CHOICE involved. It is a REQUIREMENT of their parasitic lifestyle AND it is a DEFENSE to stave off the realization that WITHOUT the persona, they do not EXIST.

There is truly, NO BODY HOME, but they "keep the lights on" by madly switching from mask to to life. They don their EDGAR suit, find a partner to affirm that persona and do their level best to turn that partner INTO that persona (or at least someone who worships it).

Once they TIRE of the persona, they discard EVERYTHING related to it, including the partner, don a new EDGAR SUIT and start the process all over again.

I, personally, adjusted to at least three (3) personas in the years of the relationship. Sometimes, if it is convenient, and the victim is willing, the abuser will drag the victim through persona long as that victim remains compliant and manages (or pretends) to embrace the new persona.

If /when the abuser dons a persona that the victim cannot or will not accept, discard is imminent!

What a way to live!

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