Thursday, September 10, 2015


The Narc defines you three defining what you're DOING, SAYING, AND THINKING.  That about covers all the bases, right? Here's a few examples. Bet you have others....please share them below.

The narcissist defines what you're DOING....”You're making me look bad in front of your (my) friends (or family).” “I know you're screwing somebody at work. Tell me which one it is.” “You just say shit like that to piss me off.”

The narcissist defines what you're FEELING....”You know I'm right. You just don't want feel stupid, which is what you are.” “Yea, cry a million tears. I could care less. It's all crocodile tears. Fake tears don't fool me.” “I know you want to go out to bars and pick up some guy. You can't help yourself.”

The narcissist defines what you're THINKING....”You think you're so superior. A big shit. So much better than me.” “What? You think I'm stupid. You think you can put one over on me.” “You're always thinking about other guys. You think you're God's gift to men.”

Now, sensibly, in a good relationship, your partner would ASK you what you're thinking, feeling, or doing, and let you DEFINE YOURSELF. It really can't be any other way. Defining you is actually not telling you what you ARE....the narcissist is really telling you about what's going on inside him. He's an insecure child, but a big and mean one.

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