Thursday, September 10, 2015

The tell tale signs to help you recognize a covert narcissist

Covert narcissist are contrasted with more overt, or obvious, narcissists who tend to be braggarts and obvious about the fact that they think they are "all that".  Covert narcissists tend to affect a humble demeanor, which is fake, at least in public, though in private they may be hell on wheels.  Covert narcissists fool a lot of people, though, and it can be difficult for you, because what you see in private is such an enormous contrast to what others see when the narcissist is in public.  How do you know if someone is really a narcissist under all that act?  Here are some traits, and if the person has several, then the person may well be a covert narcissist:

  • Emptiness, seems to have something missing that you can’t quite put your finger on, midlife crisis
  • Rarely apologizes unless they want something from you
  • Ability to make you feel guilty and at fault, even when something is not your fault; blaming, attacking, accusing, demeaning, belittling
  • Self centered; they are the center of their own universe
  • Liars; superficially charming, a master of manipulation, womanizer, center of attention
  • Projecting their insecurities and defects onto you, critical except when they want something
  • Very sensitive to constructive criticism
  • Inability to sustain intimate relationships, off and on relationship, remote and negative then positive, bad and good times, discards you until next time, “hoovering”
  • Inability to feel genuine remorse
  • Blaming others for their problems
  • Lack of empathy
  • Materialistic, in a discard they seek the maximum material goods possible
  • Often think, or speak, as if they are a victim rather than a victimizer

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