Thursday, September 10, 2015


Narcissists imagine themselves superior to you, and everyone else for that matter. They believe they are smart enough to fool anyone and get away with it. It's an ego thing..... they certainly don't want to see themselves as equal to you.

Narcissists are all about power and control over you and your perceptions, which they need in order to defend their false persona. As a result, the narcissist is in a never ending struggle for the “top position” in any relationship, what I call “being top dog”. When dogs are in a group, the most dominant dog will pin down any dog that's a threat to it's position as pack leader. The narcissist does “top dog” constantly.

Consequently, there is always an under current in any interaction with a narcissist in the here and now....a tussle for control and “power over”, and the narcissist's tools for winning are managing your impression of the narcissist, manipulation, jockeying for power, abuse, and crazy making, and now, here's the key....ALL THIS IS DONE IN ORDER TO MAINTAIN SUPPLY, and supply depends on your believing in the reality that is their false persona.

When you see though the games and strategies, the abuse and control, you begin to see the narcissist as they really are, and that's EXACTLY what all this struggle is meant to prevent. To the narcissist, that's the worst possible outcome. When you see the truth, the narcissist is not only not better than you, but far, far worse...ugly, abusive, and manipulative, and rather pathetic. The narcissist is no longer top dog, the truth is clear, and that's intolerable.

The narcissist will not surrender, however. The narcissist will fight back. You see the narcissist for what they are, so you are the hated enemy. You speak the truth, they must call you a liar and must be destroyed. To the narcissist, this is a life and death struggle, because there is no real self, only the self they see reflected by others. Once they know you know, they hate you with a venom you've never seen before.

However, you know that the narcissist is a pathetic shell of a human being, expending enormous energy defending a lie, who is in a never ending struggle against the truth, and willing to do any evil to accomplish their goals. They have a deep darkness of the soul, and their anger is directed at you, for shining the light into that darkness and finding an empty room.

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