Thursday, September 10, 2015


Here's how the narcissist makes YOU think YOU'RE the're not the narcissist, but here's how the narc thinks:

Hey, you think I'm a narcissist? Why would you say that? You're abusive, not me....and besides, you're obviously crazy.

It's not that I THINK I'm far from average, let's face the facts...I AM far superior to other people....including YOU, you frickin' loser.

You say I dominate and control conversations. What crap! The problem is that you have nothing to say that's worth hearing, so just shut up and listen, already.

You think I can't take criticism? I can take's YOU that needs criticizing and YOU can't take it. It's obvious that YOU'RE to blame for all this. WTF? I can't help it that you're so screwed up and I have to straighten you out for your own good.

You claim I have all the traits of narcissism...hey, we're all narcissists by that definition, so, SO WHAT? It's all crap. Who are you to say what I am. I don't care what your therapist and friends say, or what you read on Facebook. You're lucky to even know me. Who cares what you think, anyway?

I hurt you? You freakin' cry baby. Get over it, already.

You get sick when I planned a trip to the lake? That really pisses me off. Let me tell you, you shouldn't be feeling like that.

Sad about what? Get over yourself. You're so screwed up, just shut the f**k up.

I'm really destined for greatness...I just need the recognition I deserve. I know I spend money on what? I deserve it, after all. You know that. I deserved that promotion, not him. He can't hold a candle to me. I'm smart, funny, and a natural leader.

I'll just bet you've heard it from the narcissist....what else have you heard?

1 comment:

  1. I can't talk to you when you cry.
    I'll be generous to you as long as you keep the lawyers out of it.
    There you go again spreading poison about me.